OpticTour Agency Is Among The 50 Austin Startups to Watch in 2020!

Gratitude; an extremely important discipline to practice and express throughout anyone’s life. A practice as such proves to be especially important during periods of immense difficulty.

This week, gratitude came easily to OpticTour! We are happy to announce that our agency has been featured in an article titled, “Austin’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2020!” The recognition means the world to us and gifted the company smiles all around!Even while the world has seemed to be put on halt with the current pandemic, the OpticTour family has continued to remain strong and collaborate remotely. It is definitely important to allow the space/time to digest all/any emotions, but it is also vital to look forward and keep individual/group mindsets strong with positive light.

If you’re needing a starting point for the practice of gratitude, we recommend knowledge.

Knowledge is infinite, always leaves room for interpretation, and oftentimes sparks the birth of internal revelations. Lucky for us, Google exists! Next time you sense a plague of boredom on the horizon, grab your favorite tech device and open up a new search page. When something comes to mind go ahead and type it out in the search bar; this may seem like a silly idea, but trust us. It is fun to exercise your brain and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Some of the most brilliant minds to have ever lived have some portion of their work available for viewing online and as mentioned before, knowledge never ends; since knowledge never reaches a point of completion, there is always room for contribution. Every single individual has something unique to offer the world solely for the reason that perspective is singular in existence, never exactly the same to another person. Anything you have to offer will be unique as only 1 version of it exists.

We’ve shared our knowledge on various areas within the tech/digital realm on our website – feel free to take a gander, go with sparks interest, and let us know what you’ve learned!

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