Three Basic Types of Video to Take Your Business to the Next Level

It’s no news that video marketing is taking businesses everywhere to the next level, allowing them to effectively provide information about their products and services, create meaningful connections with their audiences, and pave their way through the wide world of commerce in a way that really resonates.

“But there are so many types of videos out there,” you might be thinking. “Where do I even start?”

Never fear! For you, we’re always here. Our team at OpticTour has helped hundreds of businesses out there create videos that worked specifically for them, and we’re about to sit down and tell you all about the three basic types of video you’ll want to include in your marketing plan so you can get started on shooting your way to greatness.

Type 1: Business Promo Videos

When you think about a video that’s been created by a company, this type is probably the first that comes to mind. Business promo videos are similar to the commercials and advertisements we see on television, but a key difference here is that these videos are watched at-will by the consumer. The idea that you’re trying to promote your company, products and services, and goals and achievements to the world, however, remains the very same.

A business promo video provides a first glimpse into who your company is, what you do for your customers, and what makes you stand out from competitors. 

The most successful ones don’t aim to sell your viewers a product or service, but rather serve to spark interest, build trust, and share your company’s greatness through the use of consumer testimonials, product demonstrations, updates, and more. 

Want to see it in action? You can head to this link to watch a business promo video we created.

Whatever tools you’d like to have under your belt, consider making a business promo video an essential piece of your video marketing plan — especially because doing so will allow potential consumers to understand your company, team, and process quickly and easily.

Type 2: Product or Service Videos

A product or service video is a short explanatory piece that serves to provide clear and concrete information about your product or service, how it works, and what makes it so special.

At its essence, a product or service video should show your audience how much happier they’ll be if they decide to get involved with what you have to offer.

Creating separate videos that outline each product or service your company provides is a great way to do a deep dive into your offerings, highlight the unique features of your business, and provide your audience with solutions to problems they might be facing. 

To get started, ask yourself what kinds of tangible benefits people receive from your product or service. Decide what you want the main goal of the video to be: Is it to explain how to use your product or service? Show it in action? Tell the story of someone who benefitted from using it? Explain answers to common questions potential consumers face?

Whatever route you decide to take, offering your audience a high-quality, professional video that clearly articulates each product or service you provide will allow you to more effectively engage, educate, and convert viewers to consumers.

Type 3: Customer Story Videos

Everyone loves a good story — and that’s why creating customer story videos is a great way to get people interested in your company.

Viewers don’t like it when brands come off as too pushy or “salesy,” but video testimonials take that out of the equation by providing real life, social proof. In fact, testimonial videos are ranked as the most effective form of video content, closely followed by tutorial and demonstration videos! 

Instead of having the owner or CEO talk about what makes your company so great, it’s much more powerful to have a customer share their unscripted, honest, and genuine experience. When a viewer watches someone who’s just like them sharing their positive thoughts about your business, it resonates with them on a much deeper level than if they heard it directly from one of your employees because you’ve added a human element to your brand.

Still not convinced? You can head to this link to watch a testimonial video we created!

See how much more powerful it is when you’ve got a whole story behind the sale? Whatever the case, there’s no denying that customer story videos are a great step to getting your products or services to fly off the shelves without you ever having to make a sales pitch again.

Wrapping Up

Business promos, product or service videos, and customer story videos — these are the three basic types of video that will help you offer information about who you are, what you do, and what makes you so great. 

We wish you all the best as you embark on this journey — but if you think you could use a little guidance, our team at OpticTour would love to lend our navigation skills! Whenever you’re ready, you can head to this link to get in touch with us, and we’ll build you a strong digital foundation, teach you all about the latest and greatest marketing tactics, and help you grow your company for years to come.

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