The Big No’s of Dealing with Negative Online Reviews

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Whether you’re just starting or have been in business for years, reviews are something everyone has to deal with. Customers expect to see negative online reviews for every business. However, what matters most is how you respond to the reviews. Here are some no-no’s when dealing with negative reviews that can be seen as damaging to your business.

Ignoring Negative Online Reviews

While it might seem smart to do at first, ignoring negative reviews can look just as bad as if you had improperly responded to the reviewer. Secondly, ignoring negative reviews could also be indicative of the service offered. Customers will think you don’t care about how you treat them and will forgo giving you business. Some people leaving reviews will do everything in their power to have it justified, and ignoring it can lead to bigger issues later on.

Getting Defensive About Online Reviews

Another issue you want to avoid is getting defensive and arguing with the reviewer. No matter how the situation turned out, arguing will make it look like you are trying to avoid solving the issue. If the reviewer happens to be a troll, going back and forth can also leave a negative perception of yourself.

Asking for Good Online Reviews

Asking for reviews is one thing, but only asking for good reviews can be harmful to future business. Customers tend to spot reviews that are fake or have been written by employees. What’s worse is that businesses that generate false reviews will get kicked off review sites.

When it comes to negative online reviews, remember to acknowledge the issue and apologize. You can have a positive spotlight on your business in the midst of negative reviews. If you need help with reputation management, check out OpticTour. We offer services for reputation management, social media, and more!

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