How to Use Video to Increase the Power of Your Digital Marketing Plan

So you’ve gone ahead and decided that you want to use that great company video you just created to offer the world a stunning visual overview of your company, entice potential new consumers, and find your footing in the vast ecosystem of digital marketing.

Now what?

Video is ranked as one of the most engaging types of content out there — but in order to see this in action, you’ll want to learn all about how to use the right marketing tools and tactics to make your video as effective and engaging as possible.

Social Media Platforms

Due to the shareability and engagement that social media posts bring, you’ll definitely want to share your videos on your social media platforms.

You can choose a thumbnail and post a still shot, you can shorten the video and post a brief spotlight, you can create a story highlight on Instagram where you share multiple bites, you can set up a Facebook advertising campaign with the video — the possibilities are endless, and the best part about sharing videos on social media is that it might drive another one of your viewers to share their positive thoughts and experiences with you.


Landing Pages

You might have heard that using video on your landing pages increases conversion by 82 percent (Truelist) — and so a great place to put your videos is on your landing page!

You can use this tactic to generate leads by creating awareness and intrigue, offer visitors information about your product in a way that really resonates, persuade them to get involved with your services, and more.

Testimonial Pages

If you have a testimonial video — or a series of testimonial videos — you can also create a testimonial landing page. This is especially effective if your business offers multiple types of products and services — you might not be able to use one testimonial video to perfectly represent all you have to offer.

But tread carefully! If you create a testimonial page, you’ll want to make sure you frequently post new videos. If your viewers only see old content on your pages, it might give them the idea that your company isn’t getting any positive new reviews — and that will chase them off.

Sales Pages

Including video on your sales page is a great way to build trust and authenticity by showing potential consumers how your products or services can make their lives better.

In fact, using video on your sales page in particular increases conversion by 34 percent (VWO)!

Video-Streaming Platforms

You’ll also want to post your videos to streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Twitch.

Did you know that YouTube is the second-most popular search engine and the second-most visited website in the world (SearchEngineJournal)? By posting your videos here, you’re bringing organic traffic to your website and sharing effective, engaging content that viewers want to see.

Just make sure you include a link to your site in the description, an optimized title for SEO purposes, and a concrete call to action.

Email Campaigns

The last place you might want to consider putting your video is in your email campaign!

You can send your videos to people who haven’t used your product to convince them to get involved. This works especially well with video testimonials — sending a recommendation of your product from a real-life user provides a more trustworthy experience than if you simply sent out some internally-written copy praising your product. 

Just make sure you keep the testimonial relevant to the content being shared in an email! It should serve as a vehicle to get your point across — not a distraction point.

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