How Incorporating Drone Footage Into Your Digital-Marketing Plan Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Drone Video

If there’s one thing that every digital-marketing plan should seek to achieve, it’s the idea of implementing new tools and technologies so that you stay up to date, build stronger methods, and can continue to do business in a changing world.

That’s why incorporating drone photography and videography into your digital marketing endeavors is a great idea if you’re looking to provide a stunning overview of your business, company ongoings, products and services, and more — all while continuing to cut through the clutter of the digital-marketing ecosystem and convince others to do business with you.

But Wait… What’s a Drone?

You know those little remote-control helicopters you used to fly around your backyard? (Well… at least before they crashed haphazardly into your mother’s vegetable garden.)

That’s basically just what a drone is!

A drone, at its most basic definition, is an unmanned aerial vehicle. 

Many of them are fitted with cameras to provide a stunning, high quality, bird’s-eye view of a subject, location, or space. They’re also fantastic at capturing motion shots because they’re able to get up close and personal with all the action without interrupting whatever’s going on.

How Drones Work to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Plan

If you’ve ever seen drone footage shown alongside that taken with a regular camera, you’ll see the differences are clear as day.

Instead of posting a video of your next company event with your iPhone, imagine if you had a hovering aircraft to capture everything from the size of the event to the speakers presenting to the space it’s taking place in and all that’s in between.

In short, drone footage provides an unparalleled perspective that will more than wow your audience.

And what’s more?

Drone photography and videography can be easily integrated into your digital marketing plan, including your:

  • Company videos
  • Social media posts
  • Website and landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Presentations and webinars
  • Advertisements and commercials 
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • And more!

So there you have it: Drone photography and videography will help you take your marketing plan to a whole new level — one where the sky’s the only limit, pun intended.

Can We Lend a Hand — or a Drone?

At OpticTour, we strive to learn all we can about the latest and greatest technologies so we’re able to implement them into the marketing strategies we use to help you grow. That’s why we’re happy to offer drone photography and videography services! 

With drone photography and videography, we’re able to provide you with a stunning visual overview of your business, real-estate properties, and so much more. Our drone photographers possess all the required permissions, public liability insurance, and expertise to safely and successfully portray any subject.

Whenever you’re ready, you can schedule your drone session by heading to this link.

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