How Apple’s New Update Impacts Facebook Ad Campaigns

A recent update to Apple’s operating system (iOS14) is set to make changes to the way advertisers everywhere run ads, measure performance, retarget audiences, track conversions, and generate leads across mobile apps and websites, including Facebook.  

These changes were made in an attempt to protect user data and privacy by reducing the lifespan of cookies. Cookies are basically just a tiny piece of data that your web browser stores on your computer when you browse a website to improve a browsing experience — like when you click “Remember Me” so you can log in faster the next time you visit a site.

Cookies are super useful to us because they help us do all the great things that help you generate leads: retarget your audiences, measure performance, track user behavior, and more. However, even something as sweet as cookies can turn sour, as they’ve been increasingly used in intrusive targeting that make people feel spied upon — like having ads for something you searched on your laptop pop up on your phone. 

Moving forward, Apple is going to prompt iOS14 users with a message that allows them to choose whether or not to opt in to sharing their data with advertisers. As more people opt out, ads personalization and performance tracking will become more limited.

Currently, Facebook is trying to fight the update through public-awareness campaigns, as it heavily impacts advertisers like us in our ability to create custom audiences, personalize ads, and attribute conversions — which also happen to be Facebook’s main sources of revenue.

Above all else, we want to be as candid and clear with you as possible. So while there might be some changes to the way we have to do things from here on out, whether there are cookies in our future or not, please rest assured knowing that we’re doing everything in our power to continue to get you the leads you deserve.

We’re staying diligently up to date on all the latest news and familiarizing ourselves with the recently added tools Facebook has created to ease some of the strain Apple’s new operating system might bring so we’re more than prepared to run effective future ads campaigns. 

Thanks for hanging in there with us among these changes — we’ll be in touch with any updates, and we can’t wait to keep growing with you all in the future!

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