Five Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Plan Needs a Google 360 Tour

In today’s world of technological advancements and novel innovations, business owners have to do everything in their power to stay up to date on all the latest developments if they want to be able to break through the clutter of digital marketing and effectively share their greatness with the world.

But instead of letting that scare you off, just think about the power these tools can bring to your digital marketing plan — like Google 360 Tours, for example!

Google 360 Tours: What Are They?

A Google 360 Tour is a virtual-reality simulation of an existing location that’s comprised of a series of images taken and stitched together by a Trusted Google Photographer or a Google Trusted Agency (just like our team here at OpticTour!)

They’re attached to your Google My Business page and appear alongside your business listing, and they serve the purpose of allowing your viewers to walk virtually around your space, get a feel for the ambiance, find out where things are located, and so much more!

Want to see it in person? You can view a Google 360 Tour our team here at OpticTour created by heading to this link.

Now that you know what constitutes a 360 Tour, let’s do a deep dive into the reasons why you’ll absolutely want to add this tool to your digital marketing belt.

Reason #1: Ups Your Ranking on Google

The first reason you might want to consider creating a Google 360 Tour for your business is because it ups your ranking on Google.

People spend more time browsing websites that include virtual tours than those that do not. In fact, according to Google, virtual tours on business listings increase audience interest by 100 percent!

Think about it like this: An average visitor might scroll through your website, check out items you have listed for sale, or read about your company history. That should only take them a couple minutes — but imagine if you included a Google 360 Tour where they could experience even more of what you have to offer. The time they spend on your site would likely double, if not triple.

Since people spend more time checking out your website content when you include a Google 360 Tour, Google sees that people are interested in what you have to offer, and so your ranking goes up and up.

Reason #2: Increases Audience Interaction and Engagement

The next reason why Google 360 Tours are so great is because they dramatically increase audience interaction and engagement.

In fact, when you embed a virtual tour on your website, it keeps people on your pages five to 10 times longer than it would have if you didn’t include one.

Since Millennials in particular have an attention span of 12 seconds and Generation Z has one of only 8, it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to engage the right people — but Google 360 Tours take that fear out of the equation because you’ve shared your company greatness in a way that really resonates.

In short, Google 360 Tours increase audience engagement and interaction because they’re innovative, effective, and frankly, just plain old fun for your viewers.

You’ll also be able to analyze this interaction and engagement for yourself, as you can track how many viewers your 360 Tour receives through your Google My Business page.

In addition, Google 360 Tours will also help you interact with individuals who live far beyond the scope of your local reach. People planning to visit your area can look you up before they make the trip, experience your greatness right in front of their eyes, and do everything in their power to make your space a key stop on their journey. 

Reason #3: Builds Trust and Authenticity

Another reason why Google 360 Tours work so well is because they build trust and authenticity for your business.

People will be able to see your actual, real location and understand how things will run when they make the trip in person — there’s no room for false promises or lies.

In fact, businesses with complete listings (information, photos, tours, etc.) inspire trust and are 78 percent more likely to be viewed as well established.

In addition, visitors are automatically able to get a feel for your brand personality without having to sacrifice too much mental stamina. In marketing as in storytelling, “show, don’t tell” goes a long way.

Google 360 Tours also make the process of finding you super easy because they include an up-to-date street view of your business.

How many times have you driven around the block trying to find that little hole in the wall your friend told you to check out? Next time, check to see if they have a Google 360 Tour! You’ll save yourself tons of time and stress — and if you include a 360 Tour in your digital marketing plan, that’s what your viewers will experience, too.

Reason #4: Can Be Easily Leveraged Among Other Marketing Efforts

Your Google 360 Tour’s main home might be on your Google My Business Page, but lucky for you, there’s tons of vacation spots available!

You can embed it on your homepage, cut it into pieces and use different parts of the tour on different web pages, upload it to YouTube, use it in advertising campaigns, or post it on Facebook, as this particular platform offers support for Google 360 Tours.

Whatever your needs might be, there are so many ways you can incorporate your Google 360 Tour to help you achieve your goals.

Reason #5: Long Term Payoff, Short Term Creation

Unless you plan to drastically remodel or move, you can use your Google 360 Tour for years to come. 

Google will host your tour until you personally go in and delete it — but that doesn’t mean you have to pay to keep it up there.

Creating a Google 360 Tour is a one-time cost that brings in many benefits. In fact, listings with high-quality photos and virtual tours motivate customers to make a purchase 29 percent of the time!

And what’s more?

While the payoff is long term, the time it takes to create your Google 360 Tour won’t take long at all.

All you need to do is find a trusted Google partner (we’re ready when you are!), narrow down a date and time, have a photographer come out and take some pictures for an hour or so, and wait a week or two until an editor stitches it all together.

So there you have it: Google 360 Tours are a simple, easy, lucrative, effective, and engaging tool that you’ll definitely want to consider adding to your belt.

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