Client Spotlight: The Clay Pit

The best, tastiest, most mouth-watering Indian food in Austin?

That’s just what you’ll find at The Clay Pit!

Nestled right between The University of Texas at Austin and central downtown, The Clay Pit has been providing hungry bellies with authentic Indian cuisine for the past 22 years.

And OpticTour has been providing Clay Pit with digital marketing guidance for the past 6 months! (Definitely not as long, but well, you’ve gotta start somewhere!)

The Clay Pit & OpticTour

Google 360 Tour

We kicked things off by shooting a Google 360 Tour to give Clay Pit’s viewers an authentic feel of their space. This virtual creation will allow visitors to get a feel for their unique ambiance, check out their various event spaces, and learn more about their history, culture, and all they have in store!

In marketing terms, the Google 360 Tour will serve as a solid online mapping tool for years to come, organically boost their ranking on Google, assist with SEO practices, and increase audience engagement and viewership!

You might’ve heard that Clay Pit is haunted — and rumor has it that sometimes, the ghost himself pops up in the Google 360 Tour. Can you find him? Head to this link to find out!

Social Media Marketing & Branded Designs

In addition to the Google 360 Tour, our copywriters and graphic designers here at OpticTour have had a blast creating content and branded designs for Clay Pit’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. In fact, our CEO, Ramin Jahedi, was so excited to have them on board that he decided to make some posts himself, making sure to highlight the tasty authenticity and true care for their craft this local favorite provides.

They started at 715 followers, and in just three months, have reached numbers over 1,000 just from organic growth alone — meaning we didn’t run any Facebook advertisements or other campaigns!

Reviews Management

Our copywriters also manage Clay Pit’s Yelp and Google Reviews. They understand that the faces behind the food work incredibly hard to provide their visitors with a fantastic experience and fond memories they’ll look back on for years to come, and take any complaint to a serious heart. 

Let’s Stay in Touch!

We love that we’ve had the chance to help local business owners, and our team here at OpticTour is eager to help you with any of your digital marketing needs, too! Whether you need help with services you see listed here or others like directory optimization, video production, web development, or something else entirely, we’d love to do what we can to help you out or put you in contact with someone who can.

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