Client Spotlight: Salsa Limón

World-class tacos made for all — what could be better than that?

Whether you prefer chicken fajita or al pastor, Salsa Limón is here to wow the world one taco at a time.

The awesome creatives behind this tasty taquería came to our team at OpticTour for guidance in building them a website — one of the most important pieces of your digital foundation! — to assist with online orders, increasing audience engagement and interaction, and displaying all their awesome and authentic eats.

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Their founders, the dynamic sibling duo Ro and Milo Ramirez, started Salsa Limón based on their desire to deliver the very same taco experience they remember from their childhood in southern Mexico; hot, spicy, zesty, and mind-bendingly delicious!

After opening its first location in a Mexican mall, Salsa Limón quickly evolved into one of DFW’s favorite neighborhood taquerías. With a keen attention to quality, cleanliness, ambiance, and pampering, Salsa Limón boasts a cult-like following of people that want the memorable, authentic, and soulful experience that only tacos can provide.

With 10 years of converting fanatics now under their belts, Salsa Limón can proudly claim to craft some of the best Mexican street food in the world. Catch them at one of their convenient locations in DFW, whipping up classic Mexican street food, hand-crafted salsas, and fresh-squeezed margaritas.

As they say at Salsa Limón: Everyone deserves a great taco. It’s been a true pleasure to work with such a great team, and we can’t wait to continue to support them as they grow!

Need Some Guidance?

A fully functioning website is a lot more crucial to your business’ long-term success than you may think. Consider it a core piece of your digital foundation: Your social media accounts, GMB page, and any other additional platforms all link back to your website. 

Having your site run like a well-oiled machine not only allows visitors to get to know you, your brand, and what you stand for but it also serves as a way to conduct actual business transactions. 

An attractive layout is vital for drawing engagement, but functionality is just as important. If the user experience of your site is not top notch, your visitors have a higher chance of leaving your site without making a purchase, which will also negatively affect your ranking on search engines.

If you’re looking for some guidance in building a website, our team at OpticTour would love to help you out! Whenever you’re ready, you can schedule your free website audit by heading to this link.

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