Client Spotlight: My Possibilities

Rick Holt, My Possibilities Foundation, IDD

My Possibilities is changing the landscape for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Through the My Possibilities Foundation, they aim to build sustainability in support of adults with IDD and provide innovative, life-changing programs and inclusive communities in North Texas and beyond.

We recently partnered with Rick Holt to create a landing page alongside an interview-style video to help him reach his donation goal of raising $100,000 through just this page alone! 

Rick Holt began his journey to help adults with IDD after meeting Richie Mewbourne in 1987 while playing for the Vanderbilt baseball team. Richie, like so many others, was living with an intellectual and developmental disability, and Rick was immediately taken by Richie’s passion, kindness, and the pureness of his heart. Being the coach’s son, Richie grew up attending practices and games — and even though he wasn’t a regular player, the team wanted to do everything in their power to help Richie feel comfortable, included, and just like “one of the guys.” Richie is currently a HIPster (Hugely Important Person) at My Possibilities and a vibrant figure around the campus.

Rick joined the My Possibilities Board of Directors in the fall of 2020 based on his desire to enact change in the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Today, he’s trying to do just what he and his teammates did for Richie all those years ago: help those with IDD discover their talents, share them with the world, and thrive in a supportive, caring environment.

You can view the full-length video and landing page here:

We kicked things off by inviting Rick to our studio for a talking-heads-style interview in which we learned more about his past experiences, involvement with My Possibilities, and passion for helping others. We then created two videos: One to be used on the landing page, and one to be leveraged alongside Rick’s LinkedIn marketing efforts.

After that, our copywriters created some great messaging with the fantastic guidance of the faces behind the My Possibilities Foundation, and our website development team put it all together into a landing page and integrated it into My Possibilities’ domain!

It’s been a true honor to be a part of something so important and help Rick and the My Possibilities Foundation enact the positive change this world truly needs. 

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