10 Facts Why Google My Business Is Imperative for Businesses Today

Google My Business or GMB was formerly known as Google My Places. GMB has revolutionized the modern approach to getting your business discovered. Previously, people would go to a location to find a salon or a bakery. But with GMB, people search Salons Around Me and get the location of your business, the name, and other details. Now Google My Business has become an important factor that businesses cannot ignore and need to incorporate into their marketing strategy. Don’t lose local customers or clients, build your business profile in this digital domain right away. 

What can you do with Google My Business?

  • You can list your business linked to a location.
  • You can create a public review channel for ratings and testimonials.
  • GMB also posts the opening and closing times of your business.
  • You can add a detailed description of your business. 
  • GMB also works if your business doesn’t have a physical location.
  • You can upload pictures and article links about your business.
  • Setting up GMB is absolutely free, and it can drastically impact your local SEO and reach. 

With all the added multiple features, GMB is especially powerful for local businesses, and it is imperative to incorporate its usage for business growth. 

Interesting fact

Google is one of the most visited websites worldwide. Apart from this, the Google search engine takes 92% of the market share and is the most used search engine globally. With a GMB profile, you can optimize your search results on Google Maps and search engines. In addition, a study revealed that around 60% of mobile device users contacted a business directly via their GMB Profile. Hence, it is imperative for you to create a GMB profile for your business. 

Here are some of the top 10 facts about Google My Business. 

1) Boosts local SEO

If you want to grow your business, the best place to start it is by ranking higher in local search results. Google My Business is the best platform to boost local SEO. You can optimize your profile description, provide timely updates, and encourage customers to review your GMB profile. Also, when a GMB profile has complete details about your business, the page is seven times more likely to get a click. Apart from this, GMB helps boost local SEO because when a potential customer searches around your business location, you are more likely to top the results. So get ready to boost local SEO with GMB! 

2) GMB can be used without a physical store

There is a misconception that a GMB profile requires that your business location is a physical store. But that is completely false. You can use GMB without a physical store and your business operates just through a website. Gone are the days when a physically owned, bricked space is required to conduct business. Google My Business provides you with an option to show a particular city or region on the map instead of your exact location. Therefore, it becomes a great option for entrepreneurs who don’t have a physical space but can target local customers and boost traffic with GMB. 

3) POSTS feature makes you stand out from your competitors

GMB makes it easier to set up a call to action and attract a target audience. You get a one-stop location to update your audience with new products, new services, offers, or upcoming events. Furthermore, you get options with a call to action button like Learn More, Sign Up, Offers, and more. This makes it easier to attract a target audience and redirect them to your website and get to know your business. Integrating GMB with social media marketing also proves to be highly effective in marketing strategies. You can share these posts with a social media template to your IG page and promote your business. 

4) Create a platform for reviews establishing authenticity.

When you own a physical shop, you can easily convince customers to buy the product and demonstrate the product in which the customer gets a look and feel of the product. However, things change when a customer is shopping online. Customers have a way of buying new products or choosing services through careful research by choosing those with good reviews. Customers choose products and services with the higher ratings. With Google My Business, you can easily create a front for customers to review your profile, establishing transparency that convinces potential customers to buy your products. 

5) GMB comes with a free website.

Yes, that’s right! Google My Business provides you with a free website when your own website is under construction. It is easy to set up and comes with its own features and customization. This is a free option provided to all Google users, and you can make full use of it. You can customize your GMB website with a call to action, banners, texts, fonts, and many more. A GMB website is available with a single click, and you can manage it easily. Now you can easily project a professional front and attract a target audience with a Google Business website and redirect traffic right away. 

6) Insights feature on GMB provides a brief overview of user interaction.

Google My Business also has an amazing tool that helps you gain insights into audience interaction with your business profile. With this tool, you can easily gain detailed insights into how your target audience interacts with your business. This will allow you to optimize your site to improve performance and see an increased conversion rate. For instance, you can learn where people searched for your business name and landed on your page. You can achieve many such analyses with the insights feature on Google My Business. This tool gives you a brief overview of user interaction to make future marketing decisions

7) GMB has a Menu Tool

Google My Business was created keeping in mind the business needs and user searches. GMB has also introduced the Menu Tool, which lists products or services offered by your business. For instance, if you own a salon, you can add the treatments offered, suppose haircut, massage, and more. Similarly, restaurants or food chains can upload their menu, giving potential traffic insights into your products and services offered. You can combine this with Google Ads Banner and include pricing and redirect links for maximum traffic. This Menu Tool on GMB projects professionalism and summarizes your business offerings. 

8) Establish organization members and manage it with GMB

If you wish to have more than one user to operate your GMB, GMB is the right platform. GMB provides ease of setting up members in your organization and managing your business efficiently. The process of setting it up is easy where you can add their email account, and an invite link will be sent. In this way, you can manage who can access your account and set-up roles with defined privileges. 

9) Get access to the GMB community 

Business owners run their community where they share their grievances or decide on days to keep their shops closed. There are many other aspects discussed in a business community and being a member of it will help you get a platform to present your views or ask questions. With Google My Business, you can access the Google My Business community. You get exclusive access to a platform that hosts a knowledgeable audience, and you can get help on optimizing your business and performing more efficiently. 

10) Effective use of Search Queries with keyword optimization 

With Google My listings, there is another amazing feature that helps you customize how users search to get your page. You can customize the keywords that will help you reach your target audience when they query for results. This option will make it easier to reach your target audience and boost sales while improving conversion rates. Only those customers will be attracted that are interested in your business with a specific keyword configuration. 

Now that you are aware of the top 10 facts of GMB, it is time to investigate the steps to optimize your Google My Business. 

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