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Communicate, store, collaborate, present and manage your business seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet together in one package when moving to Google platform. Moving to Google Apps for business has tremendous benefits, but it’s a big change. 

Big changes at companies require thoughtful guidance and communication even when the change has as much upside as Google Apps. Sometimes the success of the change hinges not on the change itself, but how it’s managed.

You don’t have to do this by yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t do this by yourself.

Consider using a Google for Work Partner to help you. Many customers have accelerated their rollouts or given them added punch by taking on a Google for Work Partner. These firms specialize in Google Apps deployment services—for constructing and managing the best launch for your company. Google for Work Partners are a flexible, use-what-you-need resource. You can engage them for your entire rollout or for just for part of it. We give you plenty of tools, training resources, templates, andWe give you plenty of tools, training resources to make your change a better experience.

The Roche Group Case Study

The Roche Group is a global leader in research-focused healthcare.

Why Google Apps?

  • We wanted an easier way for our employees to collaborate.
  • We were impressed with the outstanding service and rapid innovation of Google Apps.
  • We wanted a single product for our 90,000 employees to work better together, from anywhere.

What are the benefits?

  • Employees can access their email, calendar, and documents from any web-enabled device, making it easier to work anywhere.
  • Our employees across 140 countries are brought together through the integrated and socially-focused collaboration features of Google Apps.
  • Deploying Google Apps through a control panel versus planning for deploying complex infrastructure will help us focus on our core business.

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